Evernote & Google Keep for Storage

With many people having a computer, tablet, laptop, Smartphone or I-Phone, it has been very easy to make and keep handy notes, photos and information. Anyone working on their family history does need a convenient method of collecting information on relatives, then storage. 

One of methods to assist this technology is a software program titled ‘Evernote‘. It will handle all types of digital items (photos, notes, documents, records and even a voice message) on most devices. EvernoteThere are two versions, one free and the other a premium subscription for a fee. It would be best to try out the free version first. With the free version there is a limit on the monthly usage. There is the selection of a free premium version also for $5 a month with over 1,000 MB storage usage space per month. With the fee version, there are more usage time and other bonuses. There is with the premium service features faster word recognition in images, greater security, and text searching within PDF files.

Now Evernote is not the only note storage software. Many others exist, but may be limited in the types of devices it supports or can be used on. There is Google Keep, but is supports only Android devices and Chrome OS (used on your desktop and laptop computers), but does much of the same type of storage. google_keepThe Google Keep is very simple, just add the note or a photo. You can color key the note, put in a reminder at a specific time to be reminded of the note message. You can place it in a list of notes. The Google Keep is simple and easy to use, plus being free.

Just a couple ideas to help make your research and storage easier.


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