Everyday Things and Activities Rarely Done Now

Daily everyday types of activities and items were common for our grandparents but things do change. Our parents had different chores and activities in their lives that now seem strange and rarely done. Here are a few examples of items rarely done in the 21st century. It will give you a better vision of the life of your parents and grandparents.

In public and private schools of the 1920-1970s, teaching young ladies how to sew was quite common. It was called ‘Home Ec’. Many young ladies had learned earlier from their mothers or grandmothers how to sew but in a school classroom there was expert practice on using patterns and the right type of fabric and use of a sewing machine. Rarely done in schools today.

Many kids in the 1940s-1960s rode their bikes to school. Large bike racks were outside the school building so the bikes could be supported in a stand upright. What was not used were locks on the bikes to prevent a thief. It was not a problem.

There were what were called ‘decency checks’ where a ladies’ skirt length or even their bathing suit skirt length were checked from the 1900s to 1920s to make sure not too much of a lady’s legs showed.

Telephones have been around since the late 1800s but so have the use of telegrams. It was a common method in the late 1800s and most of the 20th century to send a quick message delivered to the home via a telegram. Now no use of telegrams.

For decades many businesses used to make deliveries to people’s homes. Depending on when such as the early 1900s the deliveries would have been done using a horse and wagon. Later bikes were common to make home deliveries. Milk delivery to the house in a milk wagon, first by horse and then a motor vehicle was common well into the 1960s.

Door-to-Door Salesmen were quite common in a neighborhood. More famous were the Fuller Brush Man, Amway salespeople and of course the Avon lady. Other door-to-door salesmen would try to sell a family a vacuum cleaner, insurance, cleaning supplies, or a World Book Encyclopedia set. Check some family members many still have their World Book set. Unfortunately, so out of date today. Just about any answer to a question can be found on the Internet.

Photo: Delivery of milk to the home – to the front or back door.

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