Expanding the Date for Public Domain

It has been 21 years (1998) since any changed to the date that all works could be in the public domain. The cut off year was 1923, anything prior to that year would be in the public domain and from 1923 to the present was protected by copyright laws.

It now has changed and on January 1, 2019, the change now is to include the full year of 1923 now being in the public domain and the start of copyright will be January 1, 1924. The best part is that as of each year another year will be added to the public domain. So on January 1, 2020, the entire year of 1924 will be in the public domain. This will continue until about 2073.

This is wonderful news with so much digital now and online, now the year 1923 items and works can be added. Many researchers are looking forward to these upcoming changes. It has been stated; “creative work belongs to history as much as to its author and her heirs.”
Digital sources such as Internet Archive, Google Books and HathiTrust will make tens of thousands of books available by adding 1923.

Start reviewing over the coming months as items are added to online sources carrying books, magazine articles, films, music, photos, etc.

Photos: 1923 popular song “Yes, We Have No Bananas”; 1923 Charleston dance music and 1923 cartoon ‘Felix the Cat’.

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