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FindMyPast wrote that with extensive record additions and over 100,000 newspaper pages, you can discover the stories of your ancestors like never before. Over three centuries of history are covered. Our team has been hard at work, bolstering five of our existing collections with new additions, and adding two brand-new sets into the mix.

If you are descended from Scotland or Northern Ireland, you may just find the name of one of your forebears among these new records.

Fermanagh Parish Records

This week, we added 15,629 parish register records from the parish of Magheraculmony in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Fermanagh is a Northern Irish county located within the province of Ulster – it borders Tyrone, Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, and Donegal.

These records are updates to existing baptism, marriage, and burial sets, and the addition of an entirely new set of congregational records from Fermanagh.

Fermanagh Parish Registers Baptisms

Our Fermanagh baptisms set grew by 7,731 records. Covering almost 300 years of history between 1767 and 1918, these records are from St Mary’s in Magheraculmoney, a Church of Ireland denomination.

From these transcriptions, you can expect to learn a name, a birth date, a baptism date, a parish and both parents’ names. In some cases, additional comments are also included – so be sure to check carefully for any extra information.

Fermanagh Parish Registers Marriages

New up is our Fermanagh marriages collection, to which we’ve added 2,864 records, also from the parish of Magheraculmoney. Also covering the years 1767-1918, these records may just be able to teach you about the union of your Irish ancestors.

They take the form of transcripts of the original marriage register. You can expect to learn a name, marriage date, spouses’ name, downland, parish and church. Additional notes are sometimes included. From these, you might glean details such as a person’s martial status, or the occupation of the groom.

Fermanagh Parish Registers Burials

We also updated our Northern Irish burials with 1,086 new records from the same parish. Spanning from 1767 to 1918, these additions may just help you uncover key information about ancestors that died in Fermanagh in the 18th, 19th, or early 20th centuries.

Scotland, Poor Law & Poor Lists, Inverness

If you have working-class roots in the Scottish Highlands, you’ll be excited to learn that we’ve added 2,554 records from Inverness to the Scotland, Poor Law & Poor Lists collection this week. They take the form of minutes taken by Guardians during poor law and relief hearings. These records are incredibly detailed, with all sorts of information about your ancestors included. 

Alongside the usual name and birth year, you may be lucky enough to find details on their religious denomination, the names and ages of spouses or children, their mother’s maiden name, a brief history of the previous assistance they’ve received, and more.

There are real gems to be found within this updated set. Many entries contain a fascinating level of detail. Take the record of the 17-year old John Adam, for example. In a single record, we can gain an in-depth understanding of his life. His parents James and Margaret were ‘both dead and interred in Davoit Churchyard’, leaving the elderly John ‘wholly destitute [and] disabled’ due to paralysis.

In addition to his home address and occupation (‘solicitor’), we are given a full account of exactly how much relief he received, and when. The full names of his family members are given. His sister Margaret Adam has her own Poor Law record – if you wish to delve further into this family’s story, all of the necessary information is provided for you.

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