Eyewinker Glassware

You might have some of the following types of American glassware and never knew its name or what makes it unique. After reading about it, check what you have or family members and see if some pieces are family heirlooms.

This style is known as ‘Eyewinker Glassware’ is one of the most unusual motifs in glassware. The name comes from the shape of eyes incorporated in the glass molds. There are differences in the older styles vs newer styles of ‘eyewinker glassware’.

This style was started in Ohio in 1893 by the Dalzell, Gilmore and Leighton Glass Company. Some of the other names this style is known by include: cannonball, crystal ball and winking eye. There are always round, bulbous shapes plus eye-shaped ovals in the style. The official name for this style is ‘Genoese’.

The Ohio company was known for its bowls, compote dishes, cruets and goblets, with each glass piece always clear (no colors).

The Dalzell, Gilmore and Leighton Glass Company end their production around 1900 and by 1901 was under the operation of the National Glass Co. Not until 1964 the company now L. G. Wright Glass Co. added various hues and shapes to the eyewinker pieces. So if you have clear pieces vs colors, you know it would be a vintage piece.

This Eyewinker Glassware has always held a whimsy and fun of the design for the owners. Check and see if any is in your family collection.

Photo: Vintage piece of Eyewinker Glassware – note the bubble / eye shapes.

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