Fads the Girls of the 1960s Loved

These popular fads done by girls and some ladies in the 1960s could have been done by you, your mother, aunt or grandmother. See if you can find photos or journals or an interview with a relative about these popular fads of the 1960s. The early 1960s were a bit like the late 1950s but by the mid-1960s styles really changed.

Cardigan sweaters were popular to wear but not buttoned in the front but rather they were worn the opposite so the buttons went in the back. A young lady did need help getting that sweater on.

Another item to give your hair fullness and a curl or flip on the ends. Girls used super big curlers. If they couldn’t find big enough curlers, frozen juice cans were used, empty of course. Also, electric curlers came out and everyone had a set.

To dry your hair at home n the 1960s you needed a hairdryer, with a hose and a big bonnet that could fit over the large curlers. After they were dry, the girls then ‘teased’ their hair to provide extra fullest, very needed for the 1960s bouffant hairdos.

A very popular dress style was shift dresses. Basically a simple straight style from the neckline to the hem. There would be buttons in the back or a zipper. These shift-style dresses would be of bold bright colors. To keep warm, the girls wore a cape rather than a coat or jacket.

By the late 1960s, pantsuits started to appear. But everything had to match, top and slacks. Skirts and dresses by the later 1960s were also above the knee. Add to that the wearing of long-legged boots was popular.

Now go look for photos of family members in some of these styles.

Photo: Wearing of frozen juice cans as curlers in the 1960s.

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