Family Desserts

Nothing brings back fond memories like your favorite desserts. Some are classics like chocolate cake or apple pie, however your family may have some family favorites that are special just to your family.

Different desserts can be created and handled down through the generations. They can also be more a cultural favorite. Maybe it is only on special celebrations or holidays that these nostalgic foods are served.


A long standing vintage food favorite of those with English ancestry is ‘plum pudding’. This is a rich dessert withdried fruit, spices and molasses. To make it the pudding is boiled in a pan of water in the oven until firm and warm, then topped off with a nutmeg sauce that’s spiked with a good glug of brandy or a rich heavy cream whip.

dessert-ShooFlyPieFor the Pennsylvania Dutch of Pennsylvania and Maryland heritage the is the ‘shoo-fly pie’. Those of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, it is actually German culture, not Dutch. It is a sticky molasses pie with a crumbly topping has all sorts of variations. It can have a Wet-bottom, dry-bottom, spice-filled or chocolate-iced . It is served warm with heavy whipping cream.

A dessert popular in many regions is ‘bread pudding’. dessert-bread puddingIt is a sweet and frugal, bread pudding is the kind of dessert that’s good enough for company, but just perfect for a quiet moment with the family. It’s easy to throw together, all you need is some stale bread, a bit of custard, your favorite mix-ins (such as fruits) and an oven. Top that warm bread pudding with ice cream, there is a classic for sure.

For cookies, there is the ‘Forgotten Molasses Cookies’. dessert-molassesThis timeless cookie recipe that should have never been forgotten, these delightful sweet molasses cookies are a blast from the past. Mixed with cinnamon and sugar, they are baked golden brown for a chewy, sugary delight.

Many pioneer families loved the cobbler for dessert. This easy dessert recipe dates back for generations and generations, as a sweet and fruity treat. A cobbler is loaded with fruit (peach, blueberries, cherries, applies, etc) and baked to crispy perfection, with a cake-like flour.dessert-blueberry-cobbler

Don’t the opportunity. Ask your aunt, grandmother, etc for copies of those favorite dessert recipes. Make copies, share copies but most important, make some family dessert.

NOTE: My mother made the Shoo-fly pie and plum pudding (we had PA Dutch and English heritage).


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