Family Gifts

The first of October and it is a great time to come up with some interesting family photo collections you can share with family members as a very special holiday gift.

Making something as simple as a very personalized calendar featuring vintage photos of family members past and present for when their birthday or wedding anniversary falls on a date for that month. Even after the year is over, the photos will be a treasure for them to keep.

So many online photo services can help with the template and arrangement of photos to create a calendar. There is Snapfish, Shutterfly, Vistaprint, Walmart plus many local photo shops. Check out such a service with your local office supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot. 

You can do the same idea, making a collection of a specific family branch and creating a wall hanging collage. Use the idea of wrapping the family tree with photos around a corner. One side is for one side of the family and around the corner the other side – Neat Concept. The same photos services can help with this idea. 

Always a popular idea is the placement of vintage photos on a mug.

Do some research, ask around and maybe some other cute photo ideas will inspire you with some very interesting holiday gifts.  

Photos: Examples of personalized photo calendars; collage wall hanging; corner wall hanging and a photo mug.

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