Family History Library Webinars - February 2017

The Family History Library is offering some free webinars and classes in February of 2017. They regularly hold workshops on the use of library, its computer systems, family history records, and resources.

The Family History Library explains that a webinar is a class that is broadcast over the internet. Anyone can attend these classes. They recommend that you use your headphones or speakers and make sure that they are properly connected before you enter webinar room. Some of the classes offered in February are not webinars – they are happening at the Family History Library itself.

February 1: French Language Webinar (1 ½ hours)

February 1: Ask Your United States Research Question

February 2: Royal Flush or Not? Royalty, Nobility, and Gentry Differences

February 3: British Case Study

February 6: Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (This is not a webinar.)

February 7: Starting Family Tree: Attaching FamilySearch Sources to Your Tree

February 13: Finding Needles in Haystacks! Effective Search Techniques for Online Search Engine Maximization for your Success in British Genealogical Research

February 14: Figure Out Place Names for Swedish Genealogy

February 14: Starting Family Tree: Submitting Names for Temple Work (LDS Account Required)

February 15: Portuguese Language Indexing (1 ½ hours)

February 15: Kartenmeister

February 15: Will-Power! Tracing England Ancestry in its Rich Probate Records

February 16: Meyers German Gazetteer

February 16: Exploring Norwegian Parish Registers

February 18: Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge (1 ½ hrs.) Visit the Family History Library website to register for this class.

February 21: FamilySearch Wiki

February 21: Finding Ancestors in the Norwegian Farm Books

February 22: Spanish Language Indexing (1 ½ hours)

February 23: Religious Migration History and Genealogy

February 23: Ask Your British Research Questions

February 27: Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (This is not a webinar.)

February 28: Tips and Tricks for Using FamilySearch’s Historical Records

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