Family History Library Webinars - January 2017

family-history-library-webinars-january-2017-find-more-geneaolgy-blogs-at-familytree-comThe Family History Library is offering some free webinars and classes in January of 2017. They regularly hold workshops on the use of the library, its computer systems, family history records, and resources.

The Family History Library explains that a webinar is a class that is broadcast over the internet. Anyone can attend these classes. They recommend that you use your headphones or speakers and make sure they are properly connected before you enter the webinar room. They also recommend that you enter the webinar about 15-20 minutes before the start time.

January 3: Starting Family Tree: Starting with Family Tree – Webinar

January 4: Ask Your United States Research Question – Webinar

January 6: British Case Study – Webinar

January 7: Poner tus asuntos en orden Métodos de organización – Webinar

January 9: Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively

January 10: Starting Family Tree: Research Help and Searching Records – Webinar

January 10: Turning the Tables on Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England/Wales Civil Registration Records: How to Trace Ancestry Using Online BMD Indexes – Webinar

January 11: From America to Norway – Webinar

January 11: Portuguese Language Indexing – Webinar (This webinar is one and a half hours)

January 11: The New Virtual Historical Record: Introducing England’s Extensive Online Church Register Databases – Webinar

January 12: Oklahoma Research – Webinar

January 12: Tracing Non-Church of England Ancestry – Webinar

January 13: Ask Your Own British Research Question – Webinar

January 17: Overview of – Webinar

January 18: Spanish Language Indexing – Webinar (This webinar is one and a half hours)

January 18: German Historical Geography – Webinar

January 21: Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge (This class is one and a half hours) This class requires registration.

January 21: Por qué lost mexicanos deben usar – Webinar

January 23: Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively

January 24: Tips and Tricks for Using FamilySearch’s Historical Records – Webinar

January 25: Italian Language Indexing – Webinar (This webinar is one and a half hours)

January 31: United States: Mountain States Research – Webinar

January 31: Marriage Laws and Customs in Germany – Webinar

It is possible to view past webinars. They are organized by region of the world. Browse the list on the FamilySearch website and find one that interests you. If you would like to download the handout, click on the word “handout” next ti the title of the class.

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