Family History Library Webinars - March 2017

The Family History Library is offering free webinars and classes in March of 2017. All classes and webinars are free and open to the public. Make sure to visit the Family History Library class schedule for more details.

The Family History Library explains that a webinar is a class that is broadcast over the internet. Anyone can attend these classes. It is recommended that you use your headphones or speakers and make sure that they are properly connected before you enter the webinar room.

March 1: Dutch Language Records Indexing

March 1: Ask Your United States Research Question

March 6: Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively

March 8: Indexing Leadership Training (10:00 A.M.)

March 8: British Case Study

March 8: The Value of Danish Military Levying Rolls

March 8: Swedish Jurisdictions and the Records They Kept

March 8: Indexing Leadership Training (6:30 P.M.)

March 9: Research Logs

March 9: Starting Family Tree: Photos and Documents

March 13: Blessings and Curses of Tracing Welsh Ancestry

March 13: Welsh Naming Patterns and Customs

March 14: How to Trace England Ancestry Online

March 14: Tracing Non-Church of England Ancestry

March 14: Danish Census Records Online

March 15: Portuguese Language Records Indexing

March 15: Scotland’s ‘Lost’ Other Half: Tracing Difficult Ancestral Lines in Scotland’s Non-Parochial (Church) Registers

March 15: Using Church of Scotland Parochial Registers to Trace Scots Ancestry

March 16: Turning the Tables on Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England/Wales Civil Registration Records: How to Trace Ancestry Using Online BMD Indexes!

March 16: England Resources for Family History at FindMyPast

March 17: Tracing Irish Roman Catholic Ancestry

March 17: Finding Ancestry in Ireland Civil Registration Records

March 17: Ireland Census & Census Substitutes

March 17: The Scots-Irish: Plantation and Settlement of Ulster in the 17th Century

March 17: Key Websites for Tracing Ancestry in Ireland

March 20: Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively

March 22: Spanish Language Records Indexing

March 22: Exploring Danish Parish Registers

March 23: Revolutionary War Records

March 23: Starting Family Tree: Open Questions and Answers

March 28: Q&A: Ask Your Own British Research Questions!

March 29: Italian Language Indexing

March 30: Scandinavian Feast Days and Calendars

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