Family History Library Webinars - October 2016

family-history-library-webinars-october-2016-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comThe Family History Library is offering interesting webinars in October of 2016. There is a list of all the webinars that will be offered.

October 3, 2016
* Starting Family Tree: Navigating, Adding, Standardizing, Printing

* Starting Family Tree: Research Help and Searching Records

* British Case Studies: A Classic Scottish Family Research Case Study (Intermediate)

* Starting Family Tree: Attaching FamilySearch Sources to Your Tree

* Starting Family Tree: Submitting Names for Temple Work (LDS Account Required)

October 4, 2016
* Starting Family Tree: Preserving Memories Using Photos & Documents

* Ask Your United States Research Questions

* Starting Family Tree: Open Question and Answer

* Family Tree Next Steps: Attaching Non-FamilySearch Sources

* Family Tree Next Steps: Using Family Tree to do Decendancy Research

* Researching in Prussian Poland

October 5, 2016
* Family Tree Next Steps: Correcting Relationships

* Family Tree Next Steps: Merging Principles

* Family Tree Next Steps: Preserving Memories Using Stories

* Family Tree Next Steps: Preserving Memories Using Audio and Apps

October 6, 2016
* Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively

* Tips and Tricks Using FamilySearch Historical Records Collections

* Overview of (except catalog and records)

* FamilySearch Wiki: Valuable Research Tool

* What’s New on

October 11, 2016
* Meyers Gazetteer: A Critical Resource for German Research

October 12, 2016
* Beginning Research Techniques

October 13, 2016
* Poland Historical Geography

October 17, 2016
* Best Practices for Nordic Ancestors in FamilySearch Family Tree

* Nordic Feast Dates and Calendars

* FamilySearch Wiki for Nordic Countries

* Scandinavian Handwriting, Part 1

* Scandinavian Handwriting, Part 2

October 18, 2016
* Research Your Swedish Heritage Using ArkivDigital

* Figure Out Place Names for Swedish Genealogy

* Using Name Searchable Registers in ArkivDigital

* Parish Record Substitution in Sweden

* Introduction to Swedish Estate Inventories

October 19, 2016
* Moving and Migration for Swedish Genealogy

* Jurisdictions for Swedish Genealogy

* Learn by Doing: Mistaken Identity of Johanna Andersdotter

* Danish Record Research: A Case Study

* Online Resources for Finnish Research

* Beginning Finish Research: A Class Study

* An Introduction to Danish Census Records

October 20, 2016
* Using Witnesses to Find Your Danish Ancestors

* Danish Military Research

* Danish Probate Records

* Research in Copenhagen

* Introduction to Danish Land Records

October 21, 2016
* How to Find Ancestors in the Norwegian Digital Archives

* Norwegian Military Records

* Understanding Probate Records in Norway

* Finding Ancestors in Online Norwegian Farm Books

* The Norwegian Emigration Experience

October 24, 2016
* Key Scotland Websites

October 25, 2016
* Finding Your French Ancestors Online

* Hitting the Jackpot! Tracing Ancestry in Scotland’s Rich Civil Registration Records

October 26, 2016
* Research Logs: A Tool for Organizing Your Research

* Scotland’s “Lost” Other Half: Tracing Difficult Ancestral Lines in Scotland’s Non-Parochial (Church) Registers

October 27, 2016
* Using Church of Scotland Parochial Registers to Trace Scots Ancestry

October 28, 2016
* Your British Questions Answered

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