Family History Researchers - Might Need These

gift-dnaNeed some ideas for anyone in the family who does research on the family ancestors? Or need to add some suggestions to the gift list for yourself? Holiday Season is here.

Here are a few ideas that might like to have. The are several good genealogical magazine subscriptions in print or for online that can be very helpful. There is Ancestry Magazine, Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy and Family Tree Magazine.

A good database subscription / membership like is a must for any serious researcher. You can get six month or full year subscriptions. Another good subscription is for vintage newspapers across the United States and many overseas nations.  gift-scanner

Some suggestions of items for the genealogist would include archival storage boxes and supplies (protective sheets, pens, folders). Proper storage of original documents, records, diaries, journals, and letters is very important. To store any digital research additional flash or thumb drives or a big external hard drive for the person’s computer is always welcomed. Remember one needs to back-up all research on the computer at least once a month.


A new and different item would be a family tree DNA testing kit. It just might open some doors on learning one’s true heritage of centuries ago.

Another help piece and necessary piece of equipment would be a portable scanner. There are several varieties of mobile scanner, some called wands where you can put in a photo or document to scan or just use the wand over the book page or other flat surface to scan it. An excellent idea for such a wand scanner is to scan each page in the bound city directories in the library for a hometown of your ancestor. You will find need of such directories countless times. Also useful when you visit a relative to interview them, you can scan right then any photos or documents without removing them from their home.

Then lastly would be the latest edition of Family Tree Maker software to collect the information, help arrange, sort and display the information and photos on the family as it is located.

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