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Home Movie DayOh yes – family home movies – whether they are 8 mm, Super 8, 16 mm film, or the old VHS tapes, they can be the most cherished family memories and can not be replaced. It can show a time, event and people that can not be repeated. Some family movies can even date to the early 1920s. However, those memories can be played, relived and shared with generations now and in the future.

Unfortunately, very few people have the equipment to view them now a days. Here technology steps in to save the day. There are numerous locations today, including Walgreens Drug Stores. Kodak Stores, Best Buy and Walmart Stores, that can have those priceless family movies digitized and placed on a DVD. In town might also be a video production service shop that can also convert the old film or tapes. In any case, the original film or tape is also returned to be saved by the family. Once made digital, then the treasured family movies can be played on the home computer, shown on a big family home screen or shared copies with out of town relatives.

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Two of the companies you can contact online that convert the old film to digital and then DVD are iMemories and YesVideo. The iMemories charges $9.99 to have VHS tapes copied to digital, then $10 extra a copy on DVD. The YesVideo service charges $12.00 for making it digital and placement on a DVD, then $6.99 for shipping.

Besides having those movies preserved and shared with family … think about seeing if the local hometown museum would be interested in a copy of these family movies for their archives. Your family needn’t be celebrities, just the everyday citizen of the community, yet the local museum would be thrilled to have film footage of a neighborhood, recreational area and people who lived in the town.

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Make October 18th the day you save those family movies. If you have done so already, share with family members or just have a big party and watch those old movies.

Image, there could thousands of long lost home movies tucked away in people’s closets or storage chests. If you don’t immediately know of any in your family, start contacting various cousins, aunts, grandparents, etc and have them do a complete search. You never know what might turn up.

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