is a genealogy website that is a service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You can find an immense amount of records and archives on this website, and more information is added frequently. People who are new to genealogy can find information that advises you how to get started. Just follow the links on the main page. Anyone can take one of their online genealogy classes, which are free. The “What’s New” section tells you, at a glance, the new information that has been recently added to the website.

The search engine on the FamilySearch website is free for everyone to use. To try it out, I entered the first, middle, and surname of my father. There are drop down boxes to allow to narrow down your search by “life event”, “year range”, and “country or region”. The more information you can enter, the better your results will be. I carefully selected “marriage” as a “life event” and filled in the rest of the relevant information.

Next, I was brought to a page where I was informed that there were “no matches”, based upon the information I put in. There is an friendly image of a smiling woman on this page, and she gives advice that might help my search. I tried again, this time searching for the “birth/christening” records of my father. A match from the U.S. Social Security Death Index- 1 appeared. will allow me to download a copy of this record for free. The problem is that the file will download as a .ged, which I have no idea how to open. Perhaps I am supposed to download their free PAF Family History Software first? I am not tech savvy enough to know if that will run properly on my Mac computer.

< Return To Blog Does anyone know of a web site that can trace from a deceased person up to present relatives. I'm looking for living relatives. Thanks
Steven Hart 26/10/10

Need info for family tree for school
Lisa holsinger 26/10/10

Always start a family search with the 'known'. Talk to and then write down any names, dates, hometowns for your parents. Then the parents for your mother and the parents for your father. When a date or place is unknown, leave a blank and that is when you start doing some research, starting with any documents, certificates, Bibles, etc in the family possession. Check 'Rootsweb' site for any listing on your family or related members (grandparents)to see if anyone else has placed online with Rootsweb some information on your family. You don't know what you may find until you start.
alice 26/10/10

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