Family Tree Builder Launched by MyHeritage LogoThe genealogy website called MyHeritage has just launched some brand new software called Family Tree Builder 5.0. It’s free, and easy to use. This software offers you new ways to organize, document, and showcase your family history, and has features that the previous versions did not have. You can download it directly from their website.

When I started using the MyHeritage website, I learned very quickly that the website was not compatible with Mac computers. It was not accessible through the Safari browser, and I ended up having to use my laptop computer, which is a PC, in order to use the MyHeritage website at all. Therefore, I feel as though I cannot be certain that Family Tree Builder 5.0 will be something I can use on my Mac. I’ve looked around on their website, but so far, I haven’t found any information that officially states that this software can be used on a Mac. So, if you are interested in Family Tree Builder 5.0, I would highly recommend using it on a PC computer.

There are a lot of new, and very useful, features in this software. You can make To-Do Lists. Put in the tasks that you want to have done, and associate those specific tasks with a person or a location, as you think of the task. The software will bring up all of the tasks that you have connected to a certain person or place. You can prioritize which tasks you feel are most important.

The Tree Consistency Checker will help find mistakes in your family tree data. This tool detects anomalies, and shows you how to fix them. So, if you entered a date where there should have been a location, it notices. If you identify someone in a photo, and the software knows that the photo was taken before that person was born, it let’s you know. I can see where this would be extremely handy!

The privacy settings have been improved, giving you more control about who can see the information that you provide. There are beautiful family tree charts that can be printed out, and you can have it made into a poster for a small fee. There even is a way to incorporate results from DNA testing into the software. These are just a few of the new enhancements to Family Tree Builder 5.0.

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