Family Tree Magazine Picks 101 Best Genealogy Websites of 2014

TrophysLooking for some new (or new to you) genealogy websites to check out? It isn’t always easy to tell the good stuff from the stuff that isn’t really worth your time. Family Tree magazine has compiled a list of the 101 best genealogy websites of 2014. You are bound to find something awesome on their list!

Family Tree magazine does an annual list of the best genealogy websites of the year. This is their 15th annual installment of their list. If you wanted to, you could search for previous lists to find more cool websites to check out. There is plenty to browse through on this year’s list, though!

At a glance, you can see if a website that is on the list is one that can be accessed for free or if it requires a fee. Family Tree magazine puts a $ next to the ones that require a subscription or other payment to access core content. There will be some websites on the list that are “mostly free” but also offer additional premium services. They are not marked with the $ symbol.

The best way to start searching through the list is to select from the categories that they have put together. They have categories for different types of genealogy websites that made the list, categories for websites that are genealogy resources, and categories that relate to different heritages.

Perhaps the best way to start is by viewing the list of links in their “Best Social Media Websites for Genealogy” category. How well does your favorite form of social media do genealogy? Is it a good resource? Could there be a better one? There are some tips to help improve the way you use social media for genealogy.

For example, the Family Tree magazine list has a link to a PDF that includes 118 pages of “Genealogy on Facebook”. All together, there are 3,800 links included. The Family Tree magazine list also includes tips for using Flickr, Pinterest, WeRelate, WikiTree, and YouTube. All of them have genealogy resources inside them.

Are you new to genealogy? A good place for you to start is with the “Best Big Genealogy Websites” category on the Family Tree magazine list. It includes helpful information about the biggest, most popular, genealogy websites. You can quickly learn what each site offers and how much it costs to purchase a subscription. Most of the ones on the list have the $ next to them. The one exception is FamilySearch, which can be used for free.

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