Family Tree Maker for Mac

Family Tree Maker for MacSomething exciting has come to members of the website! It’s called Family Tree Maker for Mac. This is the Mac version of the Family Tree Maker that was already available to members who were using PC computers. Finally, people who have Mac computers can take full advantage their membership.

What does the Family Tree Maker do? It lets users add information about their own heritage, and about their own family to the website. It lets you add photos. Once the information has been uploaded, you can put it together in a book, and publish that book. You can make slideshows, charts, timelines, and a lot more. Members of get a six month free subscription to the Family Tree Maker program. The Mac version is being called “equivalent” to the 2010 Windows version of the Family Tree Maker software. This software is a very valuable tool to go along with a membership to

What does it all cost? The Family Tree Maker for Mac costs about $70.00 (and comes with an automatic six month free membership). You will need to have an Intel Mac that runs at leas OS X 10.5 to be able to use this software. To become a member of, it will cost $20.00 per month for a monthly membership, or a total of $155.00 a year for an annual membership if you would like to have access to only the United States based records. If you want access to world records, a membership will cost $30.00 a month for a monthly membership, or a total of $300.00 a year for an annual membership.

It is always great when a software company makes versions that are useable on Mac computers. After all, not everyone uses a PC. Restricting software to just one kind of computer, or operating system, makes that software less available to consumers.

< Return To Blog I have all my large Family Tree records on my PC, but would like to transfer and add on my IMac from now on. What should I order, and how will the information transfer from one to the other? As I have probably all of the European and Scandinavian records available I doubt I would need the world connections. I have contributed to your data base in the distant past, but would possibly benefit from the US data since years have flown by. Thank you
Ken Martin 6/11/10

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