Family Tree Templates

The presentation is everything. Once you have gathered quite a few of ancestors on your family tree, you may want to start sharing and displaying those relatives on a family tree. True, you will still be gathering and correcting but it does give you the incentive to keep going once you see those names and dates in a nice displayed tree.

So online is Family Tree Template graphics. A long selection of family tree with wonderful graphics to draw attention to your fine research work. If you find one of interest click on it. You can download a free PDF version (which you can print out) or at the cost of $4 get an editable MS Word version. That might be your best type to select.

There are so many designs and generations to select from. If you want to display just a couple generations, that is available or five generations, there is a tree to select from. Even if you are doing a single parent tree, it is there. 

By doing up a new display every six months or so you will keep the rest of the family’s attention and interest using these designs. Of course, adding any new names or information really adds to the display.

Look over what is available on these templates.  

Photos: Birds; Single family and Christmas Tree.

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< Return To Blog Love this. Thank you
Lindann Cheney 23/10/18

My daughter is searching for my birth family. A match to a full brother showed up through DNA on FamilyTree. I wish to start a tree on this site. How do I do it? Where is the link?
Linda Plyler 23/10/18

Thank you.
alice 23/10/18

Start your tree first at home on your computer document or paper. Get the basics down - you-parents-grandparents-- their full name-dates-locations. Then use or if you subscribe to - these would be good locations to then place what you gathered on a beginning tree and expand from there. Good luck. Tell the daughter to be patient -- it takes time but remember your ancestors are there and waiting for you.
alice 23/10/18

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