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18th century One of the time frames difficult to research ones ancestors is the late 18th century (1750 to 1799). Records were not always kept and events marked down. Using the FamilySearch online database, it can be one of the best resources for that time period.

By using their ‘Records’ and narrowing the search to the United States from 1750 to 1799 there are some 132 major collection of database, ranging from BMD, military, census and property. If you have not checked FamilySearch in recent months, several new databases have now been put on the site.

A recent addition are the Florida Probate Records which cover 1784-1990. You can start with the county name but remember many counties, especially in the early years were part of another county. Dade County for example was all along the east coast of Florida up to the area close to Lake Okeechobee.

You can also use their search box in the upper right corner. Besides placing a name, try to narrow your search to specific records and time periods, such as the 18th century. They can be selected from the ‘collections’ section.

With all the newest databases added, there can be some new previously unknown information to add to your family tree.

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