FamilySearch Added New Records from Mexico

FamilySearch has made it easier for you to find your Mexican ancestors. FamilySearch has partnered with to enable FamilySearch to add 65 million new records with more than 200 million searchable names. These records are available to the general public through FamilySearch centers and affiliate libraries worldwide. The records are also available on for LDS subscribers.

FamilySearch has a collection called Mexican Indexed Historical Records. Use the search engine to filter which collections you want to search within. You can start with a deceased ancestor’s name, or do a search based on a life event (birth, marriage, residence, death, any). You can search for the spouse or parents of an ancestor. It is also possible to restrict records by location.

A List of Mexican Record Collections on FamilySearch:

* Mexico, Aguascalientes, Civil Registration, 1859-1961

* Mexico, Baja California and Baja California Sur, Civil Registration, 1860-2004

* Mexico, Campeche, Civil Registration, 1860-1926

* Mexico, Chiapas, Civil Registration, 1861-1990

* Mexico, Chihuahua, Civil Registration, 1861-1997

* Mexico, Coahuila, Civil Registration, 1861-1998

* Mexico, Colima, Civil Registration, 1860-1997

* Mexico, Distrito Federal, Civil Registration, 1832-2005

* Mexico, Durango, Civil Registration, 1861-1995

* Mexico, Guanajuato, Civil Registration, 1862-1930

* Mexico, Guerrero, Civil Registration, 1860-1996

* Mexico, Hildago, Civil Registration, 1861-1967

* Mexico, Jalisco, Civil Registration, 1857-2000

* Mexico, México, Civil Registration, 1861-1941

* Mexico, Michoacán, Civil Registration, 1859-1940

* Mexico, Morelos, Civil Registration, 1861-1920

* Mexico, Nayarit, Civil Registration, 1868- 2001

* Mexico, Nuevo Léon, Civil Registration, 1859-1962

* Mexico, Oaxaca, Civil Registration, 1861-2002

* Mexico, Puebla, Civil Registration, 1861-1930

* Mexico, Querétaro, Civil Registration, 1864-2005

* Mexico, Quintana Roo, Civil Registration, 1861-1902

* Mexico, San Luis Potosí, Civil Registration, 1859-2000

* Mexico, Sonora, Civil Registration, 1861-1995

* Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1867-1950

* Mexico, Tlaxcala, Civil Registration, 1867-1950

* Mexico, Veracruz, Civil Registration, 1860-2005

* Mexico, Yucatán, Civil Registration, 1821-1949

* Mexico, Zacatecas, Civil Registration, 1860-2000

Are you new to researching Mexican records? FamilySearch has put together an informative blog post that can provide you with tips, tricks, and useful explanations of things that might confuse people who are not from Mexico. The post is titled: Understanding Mexican Records. The post includes a geography lesson that includes a map of Mexico. The map shows that the Federal Republic of Mexico is divided into 32 states (along with the federal district). The map can help you visualize where your ancestors were born.

In addition, the blog post provides a concise explanation about the use of double surnames. It notes that names in Mexico often include the given name followed by the father’s surname and then the mother’s surname. This is useful because it helps genealogists find relatives on the maternal side of an ancestor’s family.

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