FamilySearch Adds a Memories Gallery

FamilySearch Adds a Memories Gallery  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comFamilySearch, one of the most popular genealogy websites, frequently adds new resources and tools that its users can utilize. One of the more recent additions is a Memories Gallery. It was designed to enhance how genealogists add, organize, and view pictures and other artifacts from their family tree.

FamilySearch, as you may know, is provided as a service from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Any genealogist who wants to use FamilySearch can do so for free, no matter what religion the genealogist happens to be (or if they do not practice any religion at all). FamilySearch is for everyone.

One reason why FamilySearch created the Memories Gallery was to solve a problem that users were facing. Previously, the Memories section of FamilySearch was a place where genealogists could upload artifacts from their family tree. The process of doing so, however, was difficult, and not very straight-forward.

There were separate sections for photos, stories, documents, and audio files. That made it difficult for users to navigate between pages to view different file formats. It was possible to organize that content into Albums, but that function was also not easy to use. FamilySearch was hearing from about these problems from its customers. This inspired them to make things better by developing a next generation Memories page.

One of the new changes puts all the different file formats together in one place. They also made it easier to upload things to the website and added a big green plus symbol at the top-center of the Gallery page. Users can add photos, stories, documents or audio files simply by dragging memories into the Gallery workspace or by choosing a file from a folder.

Albums now line up on the left side of the window, which makes it easier to sort through and find the one you want. You can organize memories by person, lineage, or other category in just two steps. The only person who can modify the albums is the person who created them. You won’t have to worry about someone else changing the albums you have created.

It is also possible to upload documents and preserve them in the Memories Gallery. Again, all you have to do click on the green plus symbol, and then drag and drop the document or choose a file from a folder. You can then add the document to an album of your choice, or make a brand new album for it to go into.

It appears that the Memories Gallery was rolled out to users, instead of being accessible by everyone all at once. If you did not get access to it right away, there’s a good chance that it will be coming to you soon.

Image by Rachel Zack on Flickr.

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