FamilySearch Digital Library has a great collection of material with its ‘Digital Library‘. It is actual collections from a number of major libraries across the nation. These are world-renowned genealogical research partner libraries: Allen County Genealogical Center, Arizona State Library, Birmingham Public Library, BYU Family History Library, Houston Public Library, Dallas Public Library, Historical Society of PA, Midwest Genealogy Center, Onondaga County Public Library, Ontario Ancestors, St. Louis County Library, and University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. Each has thousands of records.

It is combined with the vast digital collection belonging to the So the Digital Library is quite large. There is a search box at the top to do a search for a place, event or person you are interested in.

For a location, I tried: Frederick, Maryland and it produced 113,577 results. It had the 1776 Census for Frederick County’ various families of Frederick; and land records for Frederick County 1768 to 1770, to name a few. Even place a surname for Frederick, Maryland produced thousands of records. To help narrow your search, do place quote brackets when using two or more words. Also looking for an example in the Arizona Public Library does not mean just SW states are there. One found at the Arizona Library was the 1914-1941 Mayflower Descendants in the state of Indiana. Or in the Houston Public Library a 94-page booklet about “Indian Wars in North Carolina 1663-1763”.

There is still digitization taking place so not all the records are available yet. As more is digitized it goes online weekly, so do check once a month – all done from home. Or some are protected by copyright laws. But you can be made aware that some research does exist that ‘Digital Library‘ might help you.

Photos: 1914-1941 Mayflower Descendants; Indian Wars of N.C.; and Albany, NY Public Records 1630-1894.

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