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familysearch iconNewest item added to help in research on is called “Thumbnail Gallery” and it is available free to the public. This feature has both the indexed data and the image together. This feature is available only with indexed records. It allows the searcher to navigate to other images within the collection by clicking on next or just going to a certain image. 

Searching the FamilySearch category there are icons in the Film Notes area of the catalog record title page. The icon links will let you take three specific actions from the catalog page. You can click on the search icon (a magnifying glass) to view the indexed record. familysearch camera iconOr click on the camera icon to view any images from the selected film. Or click on film roll icon to order a film.

The indexed (search) icon will not show in the catalog if the indexing is not complete. No camera icon will be shown if the film is not digitized yet. Once a film is available digitally, the film ordering icon will disappear.

This new addition will be especially helpful when you use a local Family History Center, so any films needed can be ordered to the center. For those images already digitized, you can view those right away on your home computer or logged into a public library or genealogical society library. If you have not done so, create a free account on, so you can log in right away.  familysearch-desktop-computer

This new ‘Thumbnail Gallery‘ will be the newest method to bridge between microfilm and digital with cost or fee. Visit a nearby Family History Center who can help you become familiar with the new system to hopefully make your research easier.

Photos: FamilySearch icon, Camera icon, home computer.

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