The online, free site of has a large database of records from Germany. If you have identified ancestors coming from Germany especially between the early 1800s into the early 20th century, you may be in luck in locating additional information.

Some of the types of databases on Germany and its residents include: births-marriages and deaths. There are also databases on passenger lists for ships transporting people. Many of the databases are broken into the regions and cities across Germany, so you do need to have an idea of where in Germany an ancestor may have come from. Those regional or city documents include city directories, business licenses, city rolls and other civil events. 

Some of the records are church documents and others are civil registrations. Both can provide a good deal of information. As you scroll the list of types of collections, also scroll further down where the individual databases are named and the date they were added to

Reminder there can be various spellings for surnames and given names. Have as much known information (names, birth place, birth date, death date, etc. as possible.) 

Photos: John Ficke House, Rechtebe Germany, ca 1880; a couple on their wedding day, Germany, 1880; and the John Krieger family circa 1869.

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