FamilySearch Opens New FamilySearch Center in Lehi Utah

FamilySearch announced that it has opened new FamilySearch Center in Lehi, Utah. It is recommended that visitors create a FamilySearch account before they arrive, in order to get the most out of their experience.

The Lehi Utah FamilySearch Center is located at 3201 Garden Drive, in Lehi, Utah. It is equipped with an exciting Discovery Center. Visitors can get research assistance at the Lehi Utah FamilySearch Center, and take classes on several topics of training that are offered by knowledgable teachers. There is also a family area that provides a comfortable work environment for parents.

At the new 8,000 square foot Lehi Utah FamilySearch Center, you’ll find youth groups and generations of families huddled around 55-inch touch-screen monitors, discovering how they are related, looking at fun stories and photos of their ancestors, and discussing how their stories provide inspiration as they face their own daily challenges.

The Discovery Experience includes the following interactive learning experiences:

All About Me – Discover the meaning of your name and interesting facts, events, and trends that occurred during the year you were born.

My Time Machine – Discover what life might have been like for your ancestors by stepping back in time and exploring their lives with stories and pictures.

Where I Come From – Discover where your family came from and explore photos, stories, and immigration maps.

My Famous Relatives – Discover how you are related to Church leaders, political leaders, founding fathers, inventors, and celebrities.

Picture My Heritage – Discover how you would look as a picture of your face is superimposed onto the cultural clothes of your ancestors.

Record My Story – Capture your memories in this state-of-the-art story recording studio. Group and individual studios are available.

The Lehi Utah FamilySearch Center has over 100 computers, and special equipment that will enable guests to transfer precious family memories they have on old VHS tapes to DVD. They can also digitally preserve printed family photos and scrapbooks to USB drives or upload them directly to their free accounts where they can be preserved long term and more readily shared.

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