Another often overlooked resource for photos of family members is the Memories. Someone could have posted a vintage photo for their family tree and there just might be a tie-in to your family.

Once you are signed in to, you can do a search on your ancestor’s name or surname by clicking on “Find” in the toolbar and see what images have been uploaded. These images include everything from documents to portraits.

For those who are lucky enough to find their ancestor’s photo, you can then make a comment, learn more about the people tagged in the photo, and even share the photo via social media or email. People tagged in photos are also attached to family trees which may provide you with additional family history information.

Selecting a couple more unusual or less common surnames where is what was available. 

The surname:

Musselman had 176 images (photos and documents)

Kershaw had 1,018 images

Bixler had 495 images

Do you have old family photos? Consider adding your own photos to FamilySearch’s Memories collection so that they are available for “generations to come.” Instructions can easily walk you through the process of adding memories / photos.

Easy to search and then save to your computer. Well worth the time. Never know what might be found.

Photos: Portrait of Nona Belle Musselman, Group photo of Edward Kershaw, Lewis Cass Mobley, Keith Kershaw and a 1898 police mug shot of Albert Luckhardt in California.

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