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The free to use has a very long list of collections with all types of topics. Generally you think of searching starting with a family name (surname). How about trying with a location (hometown or home county) or a specific military period (Confederate Soldier 1861-1865). In many of the locations such as states or nations, it is broken down into births-marriages-deaths or church / parish records or passenger lists, and or probate documents.

The listing of the collections is in alphabetical order, so it is easy to search. Checking just ‘France’ there are some 22 different databases or indexes of information, from census, church records, to military records. Looking at ‘Kentucky’ there were 12 different topics covering Civil War service records for Union and Confederacy in Kentucky, death records, church and county marriages. You can search a certain location but placing in the search box to the upper left. 

Many of the collections were recently added in 2017. You can download any of the images to save to your computer files. Those with only an index, that info can be easily written down or saved.

By narrowing down your search to specific categories with, you just might locate more than expected using a surname. 

Photos: Marriage Bond in Kentucky for Fee G. Jones and Sarah Jane Powell in Sept. 26, 1877; Birth of Ernest Wilson on Sept. 6, 1925 in Delaware;

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