FamilySearch Posted a 2019 Year in Review

FamilySearch posted a 2019 Year in Review that highlights their achievements, discoveries, growth, and more. Here is a look at some of those accomplishments.

In 2019, FamilySearch added 123.6 million indexed records and over 850 million new images of historical records. In addition to searchable records and images, FamilySearch provided updates and new features to improve the indexing and record searching experience. This includes a new similar historical records tool that helps users find additional records that may belong to a person they find in a document.

FamilySearch also introduced an update that allows users to make corrections to names in an index. Users can correct names that were indexed incorrectly or that were incorrect on the record itself.

In 2019, FamilySearch had 6.3 billion total searchable records and images online. They had 4.65 billion total records indexed – 123.6 million of them were new. They had 22 million new images from Historical Records Collections. FamilySearch had 832.5 million new images published in the Catalog, and 7.6 million new book-scanning images.

There were 24,883 total Roots Tech Attendees in 2019, 81,000 online views and 23,552 Family Discovery Day Attendees. had 169.5 million visits, and 13.9 million registered users.

FamilySearch grew in a number of ways in 2019. A total of 3.5 million FamilySearch users added nearly 47 million people to the FamilySearch Family Tree. There are now 1.24 billion people in the FamilySearch Tree, and 46.9 million are new. FamilySearch had 32.5 million total contributors, 3.5 million of which were new in 2019.

FamilySearch added new features to the Family Tree in 2019. Users can now see how they are related to other users of (Users can choose to opt-in to this feature.) In a recent update, FamilySearch provided the ability to document all family relationships, including same-sex relationships.

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