FamilySearch Put Together a Review of RootsTech 2018

How big was RootsTech 2018? If you attended, it might seem like the crowds were huge. Those who were unable to attend might have a different perspective. FamilySearch put together an informative review of RootsTech 2018.The results might influence your decision making about whether or not to attend next year’s RootsTech.

RootsTech 2018 by the Numbers:

* 2018 Registrations: 17,210
* Unique Live Stream Views: 111,699
* Unique Households that watched the live stream: 32,288
* Unique Countries that watched the live stream: 125
* Tweets Using #RootsTech: 11,237
* Family Discovery Day Participants: over 26,000

FamilySearch’s RootsTech 2018 in Review includes the following, very informative, paragraph:

“The 8th annual conference continues to grow in popularity. More than 17,000 guests from every state and 47 countries gathered at the Salt Palace Convention Center, and more than 111,000 watched live using the internet. Keynote sessions were highlighted each day with special announcements from show sponsors like,,, and”

RootsTech 2018 offered over 300 class sessions (which FamilySearch notes were “mostly packed”). The class sessions included a vast range of family history-oriented topics. The Expo Hall was filled with vendors’ displays and products that related to genealogy and/or family history.

FamilySearch CEO, Steve Rockwood, was one of the Keynote Speakers. One concept he addressed was that when you discover that you are related to someone, you treat him or her differently. FamilySearch enabled RootsTech 2018 attendees to discover if they were related to someone at the conference.

FamilySearch has an new feature in their Family Tree app called Relatives Around Me. In short, it can show you if one of your relatives is within approximately 100 feet of where you are standing. It requires both you, and the people who are your cousins, to be signed into the FamilySearch FamilyTree app. There is a button on the app called “Scan for Friends”.

FamilySearch says that over half of the RootsTech 2018 attendees (8,450 people) were able to connect with other conference attendees through the Relatives Around Me feature in the FamilySearch Family Tree app. The total number of cousin connections found at the conference (from 1st to 10th cousins) were 2,334,110, which makes the average number of relatives discovered at RootsTech 2018 per users 276.

RootsTech 2018 has put together a collection of RootsTech 2018 videos that people can watch online. They are categorized by the day the speech or session was presented. Choose from: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or LDS Sessions. You can also watch the RootsTech General Session 2018: Innovation Showcase.

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