FamilySearch & YouTube LogoWith the newer technology it has become so simple and convenience to view on your home computer or on a mobile device short videos.  The FamilySearch site (connected with the Family History Centers — Latter-Day Saints Church of Salt Lake City) have now begun producing some interesting instructional short videos which are viewed through the YouTube site.  Using the computer or any Internet web device, anyone around the globe can immediately have some fascinating instructions concerning family history research. Just one click on any of the video topics has it up and running.

Several of these new videos are divided by categories; such as ‘Societies and Archives.’ Within this section are individual videos on numerous state and regional genealogical departments and societies.  For example, you can find about the California Genealogical Society, where authorities with the society explain and show examples of the collections and explain how to access the information.  This video lasts about three minutes, but is packed with photos and information.

Another interesting video is on the Black History Museum – Freedmen’s Bureau Records Online which is based in Richmond, Virginia.  This will explain about the types of records available for researchers of African-Americans in Virginia.

Additional societies with videos are Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas and the massive genealogical resources held in the granite mountain records vault outside of Salt Lake City. Other genealogical libraries and societies will be part of this YouTube – FamilySearch in the near future.

Further topics covered in assorted videos include how to get started in one’s family history research with several tips and ideas presented in four different steps, each a separate video. There is a category on how to interest children in genealogy covered in four videos.

The most recent series is titled ‘Genealogy in 5 Minutes’. This collection has nine videos filled with tips on how to record newly located information, surname variations, locations to search and other related suggestions.

This fine production done by FamilySearch will expand and offer even greater instructions for those new to genealogy and the experienced researcher. It is well worth those few minutes it takes to view to get some exciting new tips.

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