FamilySearch's Top 30 Country Record Collection Expansions in 2022

Hundreds of millions of new searchable genealogy records from 30+ countries. Just in case you missed it, FamilySearch finished 2022 with an amazing number of new, free, fully-searchable genealogy records online. Over 420 million indexed records were added to 30 free online country collections, and millions more were added to over 100 more new collections from archives all over the world. See the list below for the 30 country collections with the largest additions in 2022. Discover your ancestors today for free at 

FamilySearch has over 300 camera teams worldwide helping to digitally preserve and provide access to the world’s historical genealogical records. It then utilizes a combination of handwriting recognition artificial intelligence and online volunteers worldwide to make those records discoverable for free at

Top 30 Countries for Records Added in 2022 on

Country – Indexed Records

United States – 114,248,905

Brazil – 60,817,526

France – 39,909,739

Ukraine – 27,486,068

Great Britain – 26,513,509

Switzerland – 18,166,838

Germany – 16,912,215

Philippines – 13,525,467

Spain – 11,761,623

Poland – 9,170,347

Belgium – 8,486,754

Slovakia – 8,017,434

Portugal – 8,004,576

Hungary – 7,637,324

Canada – 6,706,742

Peru – 6,313,834

Mexico – 4,313,843

Russia – 3,959,279

Belarus – 3,856,353

Ireland – 3,795,952

South Africa – 3,586,391

Austria – 3,563,814

Estonia – 3,466,777

Venezuela – 3,243,274

New Zealand – 2,339,376

El Salvador – 2,036,376

Guatemala – 2,036,017

Armenia – 1,092,016

Costa Rica – 950,485

Bolivia – 866,777

FamilySearch’s United States historical record collections led out in 2022 with 114 million new records from almost every state in the union, including expansions in nationwide collections such as the 1950 US Census, US City and Business Directories, Bureau of Land Management Tract books, and military records like the US Enlisted and Officer Muster Rolls and Rosters. The US updates were spread across 94 different record collections.

The largest country collections expanded in 2022 were the United States, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, the Philippines and Spain. FamilySearch added more than 27 million records from Ukraine, including Church records from Dnipro, Cherkasy, Kharkiv, Kiev, Odessa, and Zaporizhzhia.

Millions more records were added for Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, El Salvador, Estonia, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, and Venezuela, Costa Rica and Bolivia.

The Find-A-Grave Index, a collection of information from the world’s cemeteries, added more than 7 million searchable names.

New records on FamilySearch continue to support fun family discoveries and research around the world.

FamilySearch adds millions of new digital images and searchable indexes to its collections weekly, and historical collection updates are published weekly in the FamilySearch Blog and monthly in the FamilySearch Newsroom. To say abreast of collection updates frequent the FamilySearch Blog regularly or subscribe to the FamilySearch Newsroom for monthly updates.

For users with a free FamilySearch tree, FamilySearch continues to use algorithms to match newly indexed records against user trees. When a high confidence match is made, users are notified through the Hints feature in the Family Tree. Users should continue to expand their trees and check back frequently to make more discoveries. 

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