Tool Kit - Christmas Tool Kit Christmas  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comGenealogists can find a whole lot of connections between genealogy and Christmas. Stories about how ancestors and relatives celebrate the holiday have become part of your family history. Your family’s heritage might be reflected in certain Christmas foods and decorations. In addition, genealogists might be looking for gift ideas for the other genealogists in their lives.

This blog is part of the “ Tool Kit” series. The previous one focused on politics. This tool kit is provides you with a quick and easy to read list of every article at that has something to do with Christmas.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Genealogists
What would a genealogist want for Christmas (other than more time to work on their family tree)? These blogs could point you toward some good gift ideas.

* Holiday Season Gift Ideas

* Re-Gifting With Family Photos

* What Could Be A Better Gift Than Family Photos?

* Genealogical Holiday Sayings for the Season

* Seasonal Gifts for the Family History Researcher – And You

* Put These On A Genealogist’s Holiday Wish List

Holidays and Heritage
Your family probably has at least a few Christmas traditions that connect to your heritage.

* Hometown Traditions at Christmas Time

* Christmas Gifts for Children in 1913

* Celebrate Your Heritage With Christmas Gifts that Reflect It

* Add Some Ethnic Christmas Customs

* Add Some Ethnic Christmas Customs – Part 2

* Christmas Traditions From Around the World – Part 1

* Christmas Traditions From Around the World – Part 2

The History Behind Things Connect to Christmas
Your favorite Christmas related items have their own history behind them.

* The History of the Christmas Card

* Christmas Surnames

* The History of the Fruitcake

* Xmas – Origin

* The History of the Snowman

* Something Special About December

* Your Ancestor’s Personal Shopper – The Sears Catalog

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