Tool Kit - Female Ancestors Tool Kit Female Ancestors  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comGenealogists often find that it is more difficult to locate information about their female ancestors than it is to learn about their male ancestors. Women who get married take on their husband’s surname, and lose their original one. Sometimes, their is a skeleton in the closet that is preventing you from connecting female relatives to your family tree. This Took Kit points out all our blogs that focus on female relatives.

Women and the Military

* WWII Female Pilots Can Now Be Buried in Arlington

* Your Female Ancestor May Have Fought in the Civil War

* Remembering My Mother – The WAC

* Cadet Nursing Corps

* Civil War Widow’s Pensions

* Army Officers Wives – 1865 – 1900

Maiden Names

* Tricks to Locating Maiden Names

* Those Maiden Names of Our Female Ancestors

* Finding Those Female Ancestors

* Finding Maiden Names

* Maiden Names and Surnames

* The Maiden Name

* The Overlooked Female Ancestors

Women’s Holidays

* Women’s History Month

* March – Women’s History Month

* National Hat Day

* National Hat Month – Recognize the Tradition

* Mother’s 98th Birthday Anniversary

* Mother’s Day Tribute

* Old Maids Day

Women’s Work

* Female Inventors in the 19th Century

* Women’s Occupations By Another Name

* Women Postmasters

* Lost Skills And Talents of Our Ancestors

* Grandma Used It

Daughters and Sisters

* Using DAR Databases

* Using the DAR

* DAR Offers Free Genealogical Research System

* Why Your Daughter Isn’t Named Blodwen

* What Does “Daughtered Out” Mean?

* Sisterhood

* His Ancestor is a Saint

Scandals and Skeletons in the Closet

* Woman Finds Ancestors From Salem Witch Trials

* Nobel Prize Winner Discovers His Sister was His Mother

* A Family’s Unknown Tale From a Document

* Divorce Records in the States

* The History of Divorce

* Asylum and Insane Hospitals – Lost Ancestors

* Female Ancestors Mistreated

Treasures and Traditions

* The History of the Wedding Dress

* A Brief History of Dolls

* 1938 Lady-Like Behavior

* Women of the 1850’s and ’60

* The Treasures of Your Female Ancestors

* Read a Queen’s Journal

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< Return To Blog I need help in establishing my maternal grandfather Austin Thomas born 1902 in SpringHill Barbour County Alabama and his mother Anna Estelle William Lawson born 1887 -1975 in Eufaula Alabama my great grand mother connection to Her daughter who is also Michelle Obama's Great Great Granddaughter.Her daughter Sarah Ann Annie Laws Laws Floyd Shields BORN 1893 in Cox Mills Alabama. Ancestry .com\ My Heritage and my personal family history have all confirmed but i do no know how to prove it. Can Family Tree .comm help?
gloria thomas kelly 4/08/16

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