Tool Kit - Immigration ToolKit - Immigration  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comGenealogists who live in the United States can be certain that at least some of their ancestors were immigrants. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of resources that genealogists can use to research their ancestors who were immigrants. This Tool Kit has links to all our blogs that are about immigration.

Ships and Passenger Lists

* 19th Century Names on Ships’ Lists

* Finding An Image Of Your Ancestral Ship

* An Ancestor and a Ship

* Massachusetts Vital, Ship and 18th Century Archives

* Passenger Lists – Philadelphia, PA

History of Immigration to the United States

* Your Ancestors Were Immigrants

* Naturalization – Before or After 1906

* The Great Irish Move to America

* Why My Ancestors Still Immigrated Even After 1912

* European Colonization of America is Still Evident Today

* Children as Immigrants

* German Immigrants

* German Immigrants Recruited to Come to Michigan

* Why So Many Polish People Came to Chicago

Resources for Research

* Newest Source for Locating Immigrant Ancestors

* Peopling of America Center on Ellis Island

* New York Italian Heritage Resources & Others

* Portraits of Immigrants at Ellis Island

Ports of Entry

* Port of Entry – Castle Garden

* Searching for Immigrant Ancestors At The Boston Port

* Port of Boston

* Statue of Liberty Dedicated Oct. 28, 1886

* Your Family Name Didn’t Change at Ellis Island


* You Might Be A Descendant of the Original Pilgrims

* Pilgrim Ships & Passengers

* Pilgrims’ Journey

Immigration outside of the United States

* Immigrates To England: 1801-1871 & 1918 – 1957

* Immigrants to England – 1330 – 1550

Image by Andrew Hitchcock on Flickr.

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