Tool Kit - Politics Tool Kit Politics  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comGenealogy and politics are starting to cross over each other. In the past, people were inspired to begin working on their family tree in the hopes that they would discover that they came from royalty. Today, there could be people hoping to discover that they are related to a President, Senator, or other representative.

Politics colors the background of history. The noteworthy events that took place in the past, for good or bad, are almost always influenced by politics. Therefore, it is a good idea for genealogists to familiarize themselves with what the political landscape was like where, and when, their ancestors lived.

This blog is the first “ Tool Kit”. It focuses on politics. The purpose is to make it super easy for genealogists to locate the various blogs that have been posted on this website and that have something to do with politics.

Genetics and Politics
Genealogy and genetics have become entwined together. Could that explain why your family votes the way that they do?

* Could Genetics Shape Your Political Beliefs?

* Does the Liberal Gene Run in Your Family?

Politicians Who are Related to Each Other
Dig through the family tree of a politician, and you might find a common ancestor.

* Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are Related

* Ted Cruz’s Book Reveals Family History

* President Obama is Cousin to Senator Ted Cruz

* Long Lost Relatives From Across the Aisle

Politics and Records
Your access to certain records may have been influenced by politics.

* New Jersey Law Makes Finding Records Easier for Adoptees

* Viewing Voter Registration Forms

* Untapped Resource – Online State Archives

* Photos of America – 1935-1945

Information on Political Holidays

* Memorial Day

* April 18th – International Day on Monuments and Sites

* Statue of Liberty Dedicated on Oct. 28, 1886

* Teach Your Children About Independence Day

Political Issues
Was your ancestor’s life affected by any of the following political issues?

* The Elevem Nation-States of America

* How Our Ancestors Were Affected by Social History

* The Faces of Child Labor

* Was Your Ancestor in the Poorhouse?

United States Presidents

* President Kennedy – 50 Years

* The Lincoln Movie and it’s Times

* John Punch / Bunch – Obama’s Kin

* Military Aide to General George Washington

* Obama, Putin, and Merkel All Had Family in WWI

* Any Relationship to a Signer?

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