Tool Kit - Tips for Beginners Took Kit Beginners Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comGenealogy is a popular hobby. Jumping into it as a beginner can seem intimidating. How does one get started? Are there helpful templates and charts out there, somewhere? This blog is part of a series of Tool Kits.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed, and perhaps a bit confused, when beginning a new hobby. One way to get started is to pick a specific genealogical question you want to find the answer to. While you are doing your research, other questions may appear. You can spend a lifetime digging into the vital records, and personal histories, of all the people who are part of your family tree.

Basic Concepts

* What Is Genealogy?

* Finding All Our Ancestors?

* Here Are Some Important Things To Know Before You Buy a Family Crest or Coat of Arms

* Vital Records – What They Are And How To Find Them

* Musts In Genealogy

* What Is a Family Archive?

* Surnames Are All About – What?

Genealogy Tips and Tricks

* Physical Characteristics of an Ancestor – 6 Steps to Discovery

* Why You Should Go Over Ancestral Newspapers: 9 Items to Look For

* Putting Those Half-Siblings On A Family Tree

* Tips for Organizing Family Photos

* Avoiding Mistakes

* A Boolean Search Could Help You Find Your Ancestor

* A Timeline Can Help You Stay Organized

* One Piece of Information At A Time

* Tips for Census Searching

Genealogy Templates and Charts

* Free Printable Charts and Forms for Genealogists

* Updated – Helpful Forms and Sheets

* Family Tree Templates Make Things Easier

* World’s Largest Family Tree Templates Available For Free

* Ahnentafel Charts Make Things Clear

* Pretty Pedigree Charts

Family History Tips

* Tips for Writing That Family History

* Basic Ideas When Doing Family History

* How to Ask the Right Questions

* Key Ideas When Researching Your Ancestors

* Your Living Relatives Are A Resource

* What To Ask A Relative

* Talk To Your Relatives

* Things To Ask Your Older Relatives

* Did You Bother To Ask?

* The Many Forms of Smith

* Your Surname May Reveal Your Heritage

Genealogy Tutorials And Talks

* Need Some Help – Use a Video Tutor

* FamilySearch & YouTube

* Improve Your Research – Take Lessons

* The National Genealogical Society Has A Basics Course

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