Toolkit - Census Tool Kit  Census  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comA census can tell you a lot of things about your ancestors. You can learn the names of all the family members who lived in a household, their ages at the time, their state or country of birth, and their parent’s birthplaces.

In addition, a census can tell you the year your ancestor immigrated, their street address, their marriage status, occupation, the value of their home and personal belongings, and, in some cases, the crops that they grew. has many articles about the census. Some are general, while others relate to a specific census year. Most articles are about the United States census, but a few focus on the census of other countries. This Tool Kit gives you a quick way to find that information.

1940 United States Census

* Great Anticipation – 1940 U.S. Federal Census

* 1940 Census Day Has Arrived

* My First Find on the 1940 Census

* 1940 US Federal Census – 150th Anniversary of Census

* What Were They Doing in 1940

* What Have We Learned About 1940?

* Finding Enumeration District for the 1940 Census

* Free Indexed 1940 US Census – New States Added

* Missed Someone on the 1940 Census?

* Time Machine Yourself to 1940

1890 United States Census

* No 1890 US Federal Census – Now What?

* Using the Veteran’s Census 1890

* 1890 Census – Survivors

Censuses Outside the U.S.

* Looking at the 1911 UK Census

* Censuses for Ireland 1901 and 1911

* Free 1901 and 1911 Census For Ireland

* Mexico’s 1930 Census

State Censuses

* Using State Censuses

* Census Facts on 50 States

* Additional Michigan Census Records

* State Censuses – Often Overlooked

Census Tips

* The Elusive Ancestor on the Census

* Ideas for Searching the Census

* US Federal Mortality Census of 1850

* Other Methods to Find Someone in the Census

* Tips on Census Searching

* U.S. Federal Censuses

Image by U.S. Department of Agriculture on Flickr.

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