FamilyTreeDNA Will Be Platinum Sponsor At RootsTech 2023

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FamilySearch announced that at RootsTech, we bring you the leading experts in the field to introduce you to the latest innovations in family history. We are excited to present one of RootsTech Platinum Sponsors: FamilyTreeDNA. 

Discover your unique DNA story with FamilyTreeDNA’s industry-leading autosomal DNA (Family Finder), mitochondrial DNA (mtFull Sequence), and Y-DNA testing services. Over two million people have used FamilyTreeDNA, the pioneer of the genetic genealogy industry, to break down genealogical brick walls in their family trees over the past 22 years. With three databases composed of over two million testers, FamilyTreeDNA allows you to make new connections with sophisticated tools and features that open up opportunities to discover more about your genetic history.

Autosomal DNA Testing

Autosomal testing provides you with a breakdown of your ethnic makeup and is designed to help you find relatives on either side of your ancestral lines within the last five generations. Our signature Family Finder test focuses on autosomal DNA, which is inherited from both parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, through five generations.

This test is designed to find matches from our diverse DNA database on all your ancestral lines within the last five generations.

Uncover your heritage with myOrigins, a unique visual mapping tool that provides a detailed ethnic and geographic breakdown of where your ancestors came from.

The Chromosome Painter uses colors representing the populations in your myOrigins results to paint segments of your genome. This exciting new tool goes beyond telling you your percentages by revealing where each DNA segment in your ancestry comes from.

Y-DNA Testing

FamilyTreeDNA provides the most comprehensive Y-DNA tests for ancestral research. Your Y-DNA matches will share a common ancestor with you on your direct paternal line. That common ancestor can be recent (meaning within a generation or two) or more distant (living up to around 1,000 years ago).

Our top-of-the-line Y-DNA test, the Big Y-700, unlocks your most specific Y-DNA haplogroup to aid in your research. With your Y-DNA haplogroup, you can now explore your direct paternal line further with FamilyTreeDNA Discover. Explore your haplogroup’s history, how it compares to other haplogroups, and your connections to notable and individuals in history.

Mitochondrial DNA Testing

With FamilyTreeDNA mitochronical DNA (mtDNA) testing, you discover and verify your direct maternal ancestry by connecting with other individuals who are descendants of a shared common matrilineal ancestor. mtDNA is unique because it does not divide with each new generation or mix with the DNA of the biological father, providing an unbroken link with our maternal legacy.

The mtDNA test offered by FamilyTreeDNA examines the HVR1, HVR1, and coding region of mitochondria and is the highest resolution test available to genealogists.

With the rise of mtDNA testing, FamilyTreeDNA has launched The Million Mito Project. The mission is to encourage over one million people to explore their direct maternal line by taking an mtFull Sequence test and contributing to the largest shared evolutionary mtDNA Tree of Humankind ever assembled.

FamilyTreeDNA is the place to test for those looking to gain further insight into their family history. Explore your DNA today with any of FamilyTreeDNA’s industry-leading DNA tests.

What Is RootsTech?

RootsTech is a place to learn, be inspire, and make connections through family history. Hosted by FamilySearch and sponsored by other leading genealogy organizations, RootsTech offers hundreds of expert classes, tips and tricks videos, and inspiring stories that can help you experience family history like never before. Visit our on-demand learning library or make plans to join us for our next virtual or in-person conference event.

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