Farifax County Public Library has Genealogy Resources

farifax-county-public-library-has-genealogy-resources-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comThe City of Farifax Regional Library opened its doors on January 26, 2008, as Farifax County Public Library’s first truly urban library. It is located in Farifax, Virginia. They have a wealth of genealogy resources in their Virginia Room.

The Farifax County Public Library’s Virginia Room maintains a collection rich in regional history and genealogy, as well as local and state government information and legal resources. A particular strength is Confederate Civil War military history. Other resources available for use include: maps, an extensive photographic archive, manuscripts, local newspapers, and rare books.

Available Online Resources in the Virginia Room:
* Farifax County Public Library Historical Photographs
* Farifax County Public Library Photograph Collection
* Farifax County Genealogy and Local History Sites
* Farifax County Cemetery Survey
* Old-New Street Name List – July 1964
* Farifax County Inventory of Historic Sites
* Folklore: The Bunny Man Unmasked
* Analytical Index to the Historical Society of Farifax County Yearbook v. 1-9
* Supplementary Index to the Historical Society of Farifax County Yearbooks v. 10-15
* American Ancestors – New England Historical Genealogical Society
* Snake Hill to Spring Bank: An Oral History
* Crafts and Trades of Colonial Virginia
* Timeline
* Historical Washington Post (articles from 1877-2000 through the library’s subscription to ProQuest)
* Handley Library

Local History Resources in the Virginia Room:
* CD-Rom and database resources
* City directories
* Civil War in Northern Virginia
* Civil War Washington
* The Farifax County Courthouse
* Fractured Land and Return to Union
* Frying Pan Farm
* Green Spring Farm
* History Index
* Local History and Genealogy Websites
* Newspapers
* Prince William Public Library System Digital Library
* Exploring Farifax through Family Papers: John M. Sherwood Collection Exhibit
* Telephone Books

Genealogy – Bibliographies for Finding Your…
* African-American Ancestors
* Civil War Era Ancestors
* Continental European Ancestors
* English and Welsh Ancestors
* German Ancestors
* Irish Ancestors
* JewishAncestors
* Scottish and Scots-Irish Ancestors
* Genealogy and Local History Websites

In November of 2016, a team from the Virginia Room reorganized its Jewish genealogical materials to make them more accessible to both genealogists and librarians. Previously, those materials were located in a place that was technically correct, but the reclassification makes more sense for everyone.

There are now five new categories of Jewish Genealogy materials in the Virginia Room. Those categories include: “Doing Jewish Genealogy”, “Religion”, “Surnames and Given Names”, “Jews in America”, and “Jews of Europe and Sephardic”.

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