Father's Day Ideas

On Sunday, June 18th, 2017 will be Father’s Day. A great idea is make your father and / or grandfather your genealogical focus that day and hopefully future days.

First, make the plans to spend time with him, and set aside time to interview him. Bring a tape recorder and a notebook to take notes. The interview and series of questions don’t have to take hours, instead plan just for an hour or so. A good deal can be accomplished. Ask your father about his parents, his childhood, the schools he attended, his first job, any military service, his marriage, his home and his occupation. You may know some of the answers but having him cover such items can provide additional information.  

Ask if he has any photos, slides, journals, scrapbooks, etc to share. Offer to get them out to start reviewing. Ask if you can take them home to scan the items or bring a scanner with you. This will open other opportunities to spend other days with him. Don’t miss the chance to talk to him about his life, it might be the first real opportunity to do so.

Review on future visits what was learned so any corrections can be made.

Fathers in genealogical research can be overlooked, don’t let your family patriarch have that happen to him.

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