Favorite Family Stories to Preserve

You might say no one is interested in any family stories … well you are mistaken. Look at it this way, what if you located a journal, diary or letters written by your great grandfather from the 1890s? Would you not be very excited to read his own words on events and people in his life?

So keep looking for anything written by ancestors, but remember to get the interesting family stories from those still living. 

Here are some examples of memorable events to write about either relating to yourself, a spouse, a sibling, parents or your children.

Write of your childhood time, the play events and friends. Include about memorable school events. Include any events that your siblings were involved with also. 

Recall your and family reactions to major historical events you lived through. Examples include the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, man landing on the moon in 1969, the musical group ‘Beatles’ coming to America, or even more recent, the events of 9/11. Those personal insights and reactions will truly be invaluable in the future. 

Write about early job experiences either part-time or full-time first job. Tell about the good and bad experiences, all which were learning experiences. Reminder, if you are having a sibling or a parent write family stories, it is from their view.

Treasured moments can include the birth of a child, a wedding, an exciting vacation, or moving into your first home. Anything can be done. It doesn’t have to be long, the key is to have it done. If you or someone doesn’t want to write it can be recorded digitally and saved that way and also transcribed in writing.  Even the tragedic moments need to be treasured.

Photos: 1950s wedding, school children in 1949, President JFK in Dallas in 1963, Man on the Moon 1969 and events of 9/11.

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