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FGS - Federation of Genealogical Societies.  Find more blogs like this at FamilyTree.com   #FGS #genealogy Often overlooked by family history researchers are the hundreds of genealogical societies across the United States. They are members of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, who work together to provide the best information and resources for researchers. They also work on many preservation programs such as saving and making digital the War of 1912 pension records and expanding the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Database program.

The Federation of Genealogical Societies had its beginnings in 1976 and have greatly assisted in the knowledge base to many people’s family tree. It is mostly the local genealogy societies in every state that are the backbone to helping individuals. FGS-aThere are some 454 such societies.

To help locate a local society on the FGS site is a complete listing. Use the drop down tab to select which state and then an alphabetical listing appears. It include the full name, address, web site and phone number.

Many genealogical societies cover a specific topic, such as African-Americans, a family surname, a region in a state, the full state or an individual county or town. So in doing a search, check all locations that might relate to a family hometown. Click on the small ‘eye’ icon to the left for more details.

There also genealogical societies such as ‘British Isles Family History in USA’ or ‘British Interest Group in Wisconsin’.

FGS-bYou don’t have to belong to the FGS or to the local societies to receive assistance in your research. Most of the local societies have a vast collection of books, records, databases for not only their own region but also neighboring or state-wide locations. They are all volunteers, there to help each other and other people learn more about their family’s heritage.

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