Feet & Toes

FeetThere are new and modern methods, using your DNA, to determine your earliest heritage background. However, there are also theories of other methods to help determine your genetic make-up. It is as simple as looking at your feet and toes.

In case you never noticed, people do have different structure especially when it comes to their toes. Yes, there are five toes per foot and different size toes, but where the difference comes in is in the toes’ length and compared to the rest of the toes.

There is the Egyptian or Arabian Toes where all the toes taper down in size from the large big long toe. It is basically a good structure for walking, but that larger big toe can cause problems with shoes, socks and stockings.

The Roman Toes have three of the toes that are all the same length, no various sizes. This is also known as Peasant Toes, a very stable toe and foot structure.

Next would be the Greek Toes with the second toe (also known as the pointer toe), next to the big toe is very long, even greater in length than the big toe. The rest of the toes taper down in size from the second toe. It is also referred to as the Morton Toe. Occasional the Greek Toes also have a large space between the big toe and the extra long toe (or second toe). Many people with this type of toe structure do have foot problems. What is interesting are that many of the ancient Greek statues have this same toes structure on their full body figures.

From the central European region would be the Germanic Toes, where only the big toe is long and all the other four toes are the same size. This could cause problems in wearing shoes.

The United Kingdom region with Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England might be the source of the Celtic Toes. The big toe is short, then a long second toe and the third, fourth and fifth toe really vary in length. Some might be short and then next to it a longer toe. Celtic feet also have a bulge at the base of the big toe where bunions tended to form.

So just some fun theories, not completely proven through science, just an interesting observation. Look down, check out your toes, even compare left and right foot, there could be a difference.

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