Female Ancestors Wearing Trousers

Now that just might an area about your female ancestors you never thought to investigate. Were they ever part of the daring females who wanted a bit more ‘freedom’ to wear what they wanted? Whether it were bloomers, trousers, knickerbockers, slacks, pants or trouser skirts.

The online site ‘Women in Trousers‘ still in development gives you enough of a sampling to spark your family tree interest. There are photos and drawings of the daring types of pants over the decades that many females wore. For example with the popular use of bicycles in the late 19th century, a special pant-skirt was needed for females to ride bicycles. Were your female ancestors part of that daring group??  

Many ladies found it necessary to wear pants due to their occupation. That could have been your ancestor’s situation. Recheck your own family photo collection and see how many of your female relatives were wearing some sort of pants.  

A reminder, contact the web site if you want to use any of the posted photos or drawings.

Photos: In Paris, France, three ladies in trouser skirts; wearing of bloomers; and for riding a bike.

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