Find A Grave Updated Photo Requests

Find A Grave is an excellent resource where people can look for burial and other final disposition information for their family, friends and famous people. People from all over the world work together, share information, and build an online, virtual cemetery experience.

Many of the graves that appear on Find A Grave include a photo of the gravesite. Often, it is a good photo that shows details about the person who is buried there. It is possible for mistakes to be made, and this is when people send Find A Grave requests to remove a photo that is out of date or no longer valid.

Find A Grave updated their process on how they deal with photo requests. It appears to be a way for the website to provide some transparency to users who submitted a photo request and have not seen any action taken on it.

One important thing that Find A Grave has changed involves how people request photos. This was done in an effort to try and avoid adding more problem requests in the future. The changes include checking to see if the memorial already includes a photo marked as a grave photo. A photo marked as a grave photo will be checked to see if there is any plot information on the memorial. Find A Grave will also let the requestor know about those problems if they are there.

Find A Grave clarified that they looked for memorials with open photo requests that had grave photos attached to them and closed those requests. They also added some logic to ask people if a photo they are uploading would fulfill an open request on the memorial they are adding the photo to. In addition, Find A Grave has decided not to expire the older photo requests. Users should see all the open requests again.

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