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Find Genealogy Information on  Find more genealogy blogs at is a great resource for information about a specific topic. There are several that are dedicated to genealogy and/or family history. It is easy to start your own and to have it automatically aggregate relevant information for you. Or, you can subscribe to someone else’s describes itself as “the easiest way to collect, publish, and share content on the web.” Anyone can make their own and customize it to curate posts on a specific topic of interest. It supports sources from Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, RSS and just about any other content from around the web.

It is an aggregator that functions similarly to a newspaper. People who have a can have it automatically update daily or weekly. They can also manually curate the “news” that it brings in (to include or exclude whatever they would like).

Genealogists who are unfamiliar with or who simply don’t want to create one of their own can still benefit greatly from it. There are several genealogy and family history focused blogs that you can subscribe to for free. Each one will provide interesting and useful links for genealogists. Here are a few to start with:

The Armchair Genealogist Journal
The Armchair Genealogist Journal is “a collection of genealogy, writing, and heritage travel news for the family historian”. It is edited by Lynn Palermo.

The GenaBloggers Daily
The GenaBloggers Daily is “a unique blend of genealogy, technology, and social media news for family historians.” It updates daily (as you may have guessed from the name). This is the official for GeneaBloggers. They are an online community of over 3,000 genealogy and family history bloggers committed to learning more about their ancestors and themselves.

The Cyndi’s List Daily
The Cyndi’s List Daily is edited by Cyndi Ingle, who describes herself as “Mom, genealogist, obsessive”. She is the webmaster of Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet. This updates daily.

The Genealogy Resources Daily
The Genealogy Resources Daily is run by Leslie Ann. She describes herself as “Wife, mother, grandmother, genealogy and family history freak.” Her includes a wide range of interesting family history related topics including: pop culture, genealogy tips, historical information, technology related to genealogy, and some things that are simply there for amusement.

Root Digger Genealogy Corner
Root Digger Genealogy Corner is described as “Honoring Ancestors Daily”. It is edited by Yvette Porter Moore, who has degrees in Cross-Cultural Studies and Human Development. Her has tons of links to great resources for genealogists to take a look at.

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