Find New Cousins With Relatives At RootsTech App

FamilySearch announced a free online experience that helps you connect with relatives worldwide. It is called “Relatives at RootsTech”.

Every wondered if you have cousins you didn’t know about? Now, thanks to Relatives at RootsTech 2023 discovery experience by FamilySearch, you can find and connect with your living relatives worldwide. The fun tool is available today through March 31 through the FamilySearch Tree app, as part of the annual in-person and virtual RootsTech 2023 event (March 2-4) that attracted over 3 million participants worldwide in 2022.

To connect with your global cousins through the Relatives at RootsTech 2023 experience, download the FamilySearch Tree app or go to

The highly anticipated Relatives at RootsTech annual experience went global in 2021 as the first worldwide virtual RootsTech conference was held, drawing more than 1 million visitors from 240 different countries and territories. In 2022, over 3 million participated. With the in-person event returning in 2023, now all attendees, both virtual and in person, can join Relatives at RootsTech 2023 to find living relatives using the free FamilySearch Family Tree mobile app or online at

How to Join to Relatives at RootsTech 2023

To join Relatives at RootsTech, attendees can either sign in to their FamilySearch account or create a free account and start their family tree. Once logged in, the discovery technology will search for common ancestors to match attendees worldwide together as relatives and show they are related. If you desire, you can even message your new relatives through the app or online. The feature will show how many relatives have joined the experience, and users can filter relatives based on location, ancestor, or family line. There is also a search tool which allows users to look up a specific person to see if and how they are related.

The global experience of this popular activity is only offered annually as part of the RootsTech event. It is a chance of participants to discover living relatives they might not have otherwise known and adds to the excitement of making living connections – a signature attribute of the RootsTech experience.

Join Relatives at RootsTech today to find new relatives and connect.

Relatives at RootsTech 2022 Participant Comments

“I have never seen so many connections before! I am so pleased with how this feature on your RootsTech site works. Thank you so much!” – Relatives at RootsTech 2022 participant, Florida, USA.

“I am blown away by this cousin mapping. I am stunned to realize I am connected to the world so very much. Thank you. Even in Ukraine. My eyes are opened!” – Relatives at RootsTech 2022 participant, Ukraine.

What Is RootsTech?

RootsTech is a place to learn, be inspired, and make connections through family history. Hosted by FamilySearch and sponsored by other leading genealogy organizations, we have hundreds of expert classes, tips and tricks videos, and inspiring stories that can help you experience family history like never before. Visit our on-demand learning library, or make plans to join us for our next virtual or in-person conference event.

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