Finding a Federal Prisoner

Well, yes it can be a fact that your have a family relative who has been or is still in a US Federal Prison somewhere in America. Not all people found guilty of a crime go to a Federal prison, it can be a state prison. Federal prisons are for those who broke a national law.

Using the site ‘Bureau of Prisons‘ you can look up about a prisoner in a Federal prison anytime from 1982 to the present-day. Just placing a given name and family name could turn up some surprises. The information will vary and there may be a photo. They may be release, escaped or still in prison with a future release date listed.

The map show how spread out across the country these prisons are located. So check on some family names and see what comes up.

Photos: Henry Clay Kershaw, age 65, #10400-198 and released Nov. 17, 1994; and map of federal prisons in America.

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