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Anderson familyUsing the FamilySearch online database, which is always updated, just might yield some family information (letters, documents, family stories, obituaries) and photos previously unknown to you.

Using their ‘Find Photos and Stories‘ you can place a surname and it will search the vast database of submitted scanned documents, stories and photographs. Now these are donated digital images submitted to LDS Church for the FamilySearch site and anyone at anytime can place their own family information. One photo or a whole group of items can be sent in to be shared with others doing similar research.

In checking several family surnames, I came across a photo of my husband’s great granduncle, one we had never seen. The image can be saved to the computer using a ‘print screen’ method on the computer.

HendersonAs you search especially using a surname, you will also come across those who included their own name when they submitted the items. Very common names will also appear in reference to something totally different. The example would be the surname ‘Trout’ – which also refers to the fish, so that does appear, someone hold their catch of trout for the day.

Not all their collections are indexed to be searched yet. You would need to check the site several times over a period of months to see if any new was added, so bookmark the site. Also try different spellings for a name.

Checking this site is free and you never know what might be there available thru the Internet and FamilySearch.

Photo: Four generations – Anders Gustav Anderson, Johan August Anderson, August Anderson and his son Clement George Anderson.

Obit on John W. Henderson.

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